Brainfuq, a Brainfuck Interpreter

Brainfuq, an interpreter for the language Brainfuck built with ANTLR

Build & Run

There are currently no ready-to-use executable binary now but it’s coming soon.

  • Download jars of ANTLR 4 and Commons IO and add them to your Java $CLASSPATH
  • git clone
  • cd Brainfuq && javac *.java and then you’re good to go.
  • Use the convinient scripts to run our interpreter: brainfuck to interpret a brainfuck file, and brainfucki to enter the magnificent Brainfuck REPL.

There are a few interesting demos in ./BrainfuckDemo/, and you can just try them out.

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iOS 组暑假学习计划

Study Guide for the iOS team @twtstudio in the summer of 2016

暑假的学习主要集中在新语言、iOS SDK 的学习、已有项目的阅读

  • Swift 3.0
  • 「微北洋」 /「 问津」 源代码
  • KVO
  • M-V-C
  • 3rd-Party Repositories on GitHub

Swift 3.0

Swift 是 Apple 为了取代 Objective-C 而开发的语言,不同于 Objective-C,Swift 是完全开源的,目前可以在 OS X 和 Linux 内核操作系统中编译与运行。「微北洋」与「问津」目前都在逐渐转向 Swift 开发。Swift 实战演练将是我们暑假学习计划的核心。

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